Weighted vest has become popular among the health and fitness conscious people owing to its various benefits. If you are wondering what is weighted vest and how it works, then it is better to read this article. To tell in simple words, weighted vest simply increases the effectiveness of the training. Those, who are training hard, can make their training smarter by using the weighted vest. To learn more about how to train hard and smart, trainhardgetfit.com is of great help. One should never hesitate to focus on their health. Keeping the body healthy and fit helps you to achieve your goals easily. www.fitday.com gives you a lot of information about health related topics.

Before we discuss the benefits of weighted vest, let us see how it works. The weighted vest weighs more – say 10 lbs. When you wear this weighted vest, you are actually carrying 10 lbs. of additional weight. As you workout with additional weight, you need to put more effort, thereby resulting in more calorie burn. There are plenty of benefits in using the weighted vest. With this type weight, you can cut down your overall workout duration. For example, if you do workout for 1 hour daily. Then with weighted vest, it is enough to work out for 30 minutes.

Weighted vests are highly flexible. You can wear when you are walking, jogging or exercising. You can also wear while doing household chores like cleaning and washing, etc. This is one of the smarter ways to burn the calories and get lean muscles. Many vests feature multiple pockets or compartments to add more weight. You can fill sand or other materials inside the pockets to add weight. If you do not want to invest money on buying expensive weightlifting rods and plates, but still want to reduce weight, then weighted vest can be a great option.

If you are a beginner, do not overdo with your weighted vest. Though wearing this kind of vest does not look like a big deal, it can make your tired. Do not workout a lot with weighted vest during the initial period. Do short exercises and workouts for few minutes for some days, till your body gets adapted to the vest. Always choose the vest that you feel comfortable to wear. Do not choose the one that causes irritation or abrasion on your skin. There are many types of weighted vests available in the market. The beginners can get the simplest one.

There are few things to check when buying the weighted vest. The lower weighted vest can weigh a maximum of upto 10 pounds. These lower weight vests are great for walking. This helps to increase the activity of cardio and burn some calories. Remember that this type of vest is not ideal for training. Intermediate vests weighs from 20 to 45 pounds and they are ideal for those who workout in fair level, but not strenuous in nature. Insane vests weigh from 50 to 150 pounds and they are preferred by people who are into highly rigorous workouts. To find the ideal vest, you have to go through the reviews on the internet or from a trusted friend.

Different Types Of Weighted Vest
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